David’s Cookies Fundraiser

David's Cookies as a Fundraiser

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 EEEEvEveryone knows that David's Cookies are great tasting.

Just imagine, these wonderfully mouth watering desserts used for a profitable fundraiser.  Yes, David's Cookies are now available to assist your school, church, sports club, or other organizations in your fundraising efforts. 

David's Cookie dough as a fundraiser is great for anytime:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mother's and Father's Day, July Fourth, Birthdays, or just any day.  And they are perfect for the Jewish holidays as they are Kosher Dairy.

We offer a variety of products including three pound tubs, three pound  pre-portioned boxes of cookie dough, and a variety of two pound cheesecakes!!

David's Cookie Dough and David's Cheese Cakes can be stored up to six months in your freezer.  Just thaw, delight in the treats, and refreeze when you are done.

David's Cookie Dough and David's Cheesecakes are delivered in a refrigerated truck to ensure product freshness.

David's Cookies

David's Cookie Dough is packaged  in three pound Pre Portioned Boxes or Scoop & Bake Cookie Dough Fund Raiser Tubs,  which  makes 96-1 oz. cookies:

  • Macadamia Nut White Chip,
  • Oatmeal Raisin,
  • Chocolate Chunk,
  • Peanut Butter with Reeses Peanut Butter Chip,
  • Candy Cookie with M&Ms
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Cookie Play Dough
  • Cookie Dough Classics – 4 Tubs

(download the full color brochure here)

Kids enjoy selling a product they can identify with. It's much easier for them to sell when they believe in what they are promoting and all kids love freshly baked cookies.

Incentives offered:

  • High Profitability -Up to 55% profit available
  • Baker's Dozen Special – Any fundraiser seller, which sells 12 items of product will receive a 13th item free from the case overage.
  • Customized incentives are also available and can be designated to each organization.
  • Kick off samples–  Need to have your group sample the product as a kick off incentive?  Don't worry, sample will be sent to your organization to ensure your group and potential customers that the product is top of the class!! 

To learn more about how to use David's cookies as your next fundraising product contact us.

David's Cookies

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